Winding Down and Gearing Up

posted Apr 10, 2012, 9:37 PM by Ginger Bowman

Spring Break has come and gone.  May is on its way.  Students are making plans for the summer.  For many

students those plans will include coming home for the summer.  It seems things are winding down, but now is the best time to gear up for the summer and look ahead to next fall.

Start now with summer students.

Now is a great time to make contact with students who are away and may be coming home for the summer.  Send them a note, or a care package letting them know that you are looking forward to their return at the end of the semester.  Plan an event that will serve as a "welcome home" event that reconnects away students with the ones who are residents. 

Who will be staying through the summer that can help bridge relationships with those who may feel disconnected?  For many students coming back to church after being gone through the school year can be difficult.  Relationships are different and many friends have moved on to other things.  Be intentional about getting students connected at the start of the summer. 

Anticipate fall ministry.

College ministry changes significantly from summer to fall.  Plan now for what will happen in the fall.  Are there key leaders who will be away for the summer?   Enlist leaders for the fall semester before the school year ends.  Give them a few items to work on or think on over the summer.  Then touch base with them periodically on facebook or via phone to stay connected. 

What do you already know about the fall?  Does your attendance usually decline?  Who will graduate college this year?  Who are the new freshmen?  The transition from summer to fall can make a big impact on a church college ministry.  What can you anticipate relationally and plan for that will help make the transition to fall semester easier? 

Engage current students in connecting with graduating high school seniors before the school year ends.  Give students a taste of what is to come when they move into the college ministry.  Help them form relationships in the summer that can continue into their freshman year.    Who will be coming into the group that might be leadership potential in the coming years?    

Simply thinking ahead to what’s next can be key to smooth transitions from one season of ministry to the next.  Oh, and of course, don’t forget to squeeze in some time for vacation.  Fall will be here before you know it.