Using Online Media for Ministry.

posted Dec 1, 2015, 10:12 AM by Ginger Bowman
This week we continue to explore the use of online media in college ministry.  How can we make the most of this medium to connect?  At Portico, the College Ministry at FBC Wichita Falls, Sterling Sellman is using social media  in a variety of ways. Sterling shared some of them with us. 

"1. We want to communicate what we are doing as a ministry. We also want to encourage others with the gospel. Also, it has been a great form of contact with students. Instead of just advertising on social media we try to engage with them by acknowledging when someone shared a post or followed our site.
  2. We like to use video, too. Usually this is something funny we have created to promote an event. Our students have seemed to really like the videos when their friends are involved.  (See some examples on their Facebook page here:
  3.  The value has been us as a ministry being able to see what our students are doing outside of the church. For the students it gives them a kind of voice to promote and share their faith in digital formats. Many times I hear students say they got into a gospel conversation or were able to invite someone because of an interaction through social media."
Check out the Portico Twitter page for more ways Sterling and the Portico team are using social media to connect.