Go Local

posted Mar 8, 2012, 5:58 AM by Ginger Bowman   [ updated Mar 8, 2012, 6:17 AM ]

It’s Spring Break!

Many churches and campus groups take mission trips during spring break.  It’s a great time to get away from home and spend time serving together.  However for many of us a long distance trip is just too costly, or maybe your students have to work part of the week.  So why not go local?  Plan a local mission trip that takes into account the schedules of your group members and your budget. 

Here are a few ideas from an earlier post that might be helpful.  And even if you don’t plan a weeklong event, why not pick a project and plan a day together.  One of the best ways to build relationships in your group is to serve together. 
  • Serve a meal. Most larger towns and cities have several organizations that serve meals to the homeless or underpriviledged in their communities. They are usually well organized and welcome the help of a group to serve a meal.
  • Provide Free Lawn Service. Most likely there are some people in your church and community that are not able to take care of their lawns. Plan an afternoon to weed someone’s flowerbeds or plant some perennials for them to enjoy.
  • Have a Party. Host a block party in a local apartment complex complete with food, games for kids and some fun giveaways. Provide information about your church. Just be sure to work with the management and keep them informed of all of your plans.
  • Wash a load. Make a chore a little easier for someone. Collect quarters at your church, then take them to a local laundromat with whom you have made arrangements. Offer to pay for a load of wash for customers and provide some children’s activities while parents are busy doing the laundry.
  • Say thank you.Plan a special appreciation meal or gift to say thank you to the service staff at your local community campus. Let the custodial staff, grounds keepers, or food service staff know that you appreciate them.
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