Top 5 Needs of Church College Ministry: 4. A Strategy for Discipleship.

posted Feb 22, 2016, 10:41 AM by Ginger Bowman
As we consult with church college ministry leaders and pastors in our state, t
here are some recurring themes.  I've chosen 5 of the most common to focus on as we start the year. Here is the fourth need.   

A Strategy for Discipleship  
Every church needs a plan for how they will disciple the students who are a part of the college ministry.  Whether you're just starting a group or you have a long history of college ministry in your church, you need to know how a student will grow in their faith from the point at which they began in your ministry.  

1. Develop a strategy. 
It doesn't have to be complicated, but what is your end goal?  What does a young adult follower of Jesus look like?  How will you help them get there?  Map it out so that your process is intentional.  For example:
  1.  Student attends Sunday Morning Bible study & worship; 
  2. Student is invited to join a small group with others who study the Bible, share spiritual growth and accountability needs, and pray together;
  3. Student meets regularly with an adult mentor to grow deeper in areas of spiritual life & leadership;
  4. Student takes on a leadership role in discipling another, serving in a ministry of the church.   
Not complicated, but there is a plan.  Be sure to pay special attention to spiritual disciplines students need to build into daily life. You have the great privilege of helping this student develop life practices that will lead to continued spiritual growth throughout their life. 

2. Be who you are.  
It's easy to go to college ministry conferences and hear what others are doing, and second guess all that you are already doing.  There is certainly value in learning from others, but know that every church is different and every college ministry is different.    It may be that college ministry is new to your church, and the work of building a discipling strategy needs to begin by helping the church see the need for college ministry and preparing adult leaders to be disciplers. Maybe you only have one or two students that are ready and willing to be discipled.  Start with them, and remember that God is at work in their lives and in your church. He will honor your being faithful where you are now.