Toolbox: 3 ways to use Soularium Cards

posted Apr 15, 2015, 9:39 AM by Ginger Bowman
They're not new, but Soularium cards continue to be a great tool for college ministry. Because we live in a visual culture, images can speak volumes to us, and create opportunities for deeper conversations about spiritual life.  There are 50 cards in each pack of Soularium cards, each with a different picture created to help promote spiritual conversation and a set of questions to ask someone.  

Here are 3 ways you can use them in your ministry.
1. Initiating spiritual conversations.    Soularium cards can be a great way to meet new people and provide conversation starters.  Many Baptist Student Ministries and other campus organizations use these to meet students and begin conversation with them.  Ask questions like, "which one of these cards describes how your semester is going?" or "Which of these cards describes your life right now?"  The cards are a fun and disarming way to engage new people and initiate relationships. 
2. Evangelism.  Perhaps the most obvious way to use them is in sharing the Gospel. Sometimes those first questions lead to opportunities to share more significant things.  Follow up questions might be "Which of these images describe God to you?"  "When you think about your own spiritual life or journey, which image best represents what you wish were true?"  Those answers can lead to opportunities to share about your own spiritual journey and the plan of salvation.  
3.  Group Discussion.  Soularium cards are a great way to engage students in a Bible study.  Use them to start a conversation about the topic you will be teaching.  For example:  "Which of these images describes your spiritual walk right now?"  "What image best communicates how you deal with stress?"

Find training resources and purchasing info for Soularium Cards here.