The Mindset List and why it matters.

posted Aug 19, 2015, 12:43 PM by Ginger Bowman
Every year since 1998, Beloit College has released "The Mindset List" for the incoming freshmen class.  The list contains some "cultural touchstones" that help shape this class of students, providing faculty and staff with some helps in understanding and communicating with the students in their classroom.  
As college ministry leaders, we would do well to read and heed the list also.  These students are natives of the information age.  They do not process information the same way as previous generations.  A host of other factors that may or may not be on "the list" this year have shaped them.  If we are to reach them, we must do our best to understand them and meet them where they are.  Here are a few key items from the list.

Since they have been on the planet:
  •  Hybrid automobiles have always been mass produced.
  •  Google has always been there, in its founding words, “to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible.” 
  • They have never licked a postage stamp.
  • Email has become the new “formal” communication, while texts and tweets remain enclaves for the casual.
  • Cell phones have become so ubiquitous in class that teachers don’t know which students are using them to take notes and which ones are planning a party.
  • They have grown up treating Wi-Fi as an entitlement.
 Read the entire list here. 

Beloit College also provides a guide on their website ideal for discussing "The Mindset List" and it's implications for college ministry. You may want to use it in a training time with your leaders to help them better understand the students in your ministry. Find The Guide here.