The class of 2016. Coming soon to a campus and a college ministry near you.

posted Apr 8, 2016, 3:50 PM by Ginger Bowman
By now you have probably already been engaged with this year's high school seniors, and even if you have, now is the time to give them some extra attention.  Here are a few suggestions as we approach the season of graduation.  
  • Seize the month of April.  As graduation approaches focus moves more to the moments of celebration than on next fall.  April is a great opportunity to capitalize on the excitement of graduating and the anticipation of what's next. Plan some opportunities for incoming freshmen to get a preview of life after high school and your college ministry.
  • Minister to parents. This is not only a season of joy but also a time of great anxiety for parents as they look to the future. Provide opportunities for parents to get to know you and process through some of the issues they are dealing with. In the midst of academic and financial planning, be sure they are also thinking about what is next for their students spiritually. 
  • Help bridge the gap.  Work with the youth ministry to help incoming freshmen find their place in church and campus ministry when they go to college in the fall. Your help in making personal connections with other churches/ministries could make the difference in a student staying connected to their faith as a freshman. You can find a list of Baptist Student Ministries and churches near campuses in Texas

If you're just getting started in college ministry and want to know more about reaching incoming freshmen, check out the article Your Future College Ministry on our website. Seize the moment!  Don't miss the opportunity to let high school grads know how excited you are about their move into the college ministry.