posted Jun 22, 2016, 8:49 PM by Ginger Bowman
If' you've played chess, you know there are certain pieces you move at just the right time. Every move you make changes the game and what the next move needs to be. If you are careful, and you are thinking ahead to what your opponent's next move might be, you can win. Sometimes. Chess is a game of strategy.   
  • College aged young adults are making decisions about what they believe and who they will be.  During this phase of life students have a once in a lifetime opportunity to question, seek and learn that most will never have again. And this current generation of college students is hungry for spiritual things. Many are hearing the gospel with open hearts and minds.  
  • The nations have come to the campus.  Most campuses, including many community colleges, have numbers of international  students from nations around the world. Many of these students will return to their home countries after college. If we reach them here, they will take the gospel home with them, to the nations. 
  • They are available. They have a significant amount of freedom to go to the nations, or choose a career that will give them greater impact for Christ. They have the time and energy to take the gospel to difficult places.  

College ministry is strategic ministry. Why wouldn't we invest in it?  We need to invest, and we need to be strategic in how we minister to this generation of students. Having a Bible study class for them on Sunday morning is a good start, but it is not enough.

Is your church thinking strategically about ministry to this generation of college students? Do you have a game plan for how you will engage those who have grown up in your church?  Do you have a game plan for how you will engage students in your community that don't know Jesus?  How will you intentionally disciple them? Send them to the nations?  Help them become followers of Jesus that will continue the life and ministry of the church into the next generation?  It's time to consider your next move. What will it be?     

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