Spring Cleaning.

posted Mar 30, 2016, 12:27 PM by Ginger Bowman
Spring semester is a great time to do some "cleaning out," and not just the storage closets (but maybe also the storage closets...).  Even if you're not in a college town per se, spring semester is usually a time of transition for students, and it's a great opportunity to evaluate and refocus for the next season of ministry. 
  • Get feedback.  Ask students and leaders in your ministry what they think about how things are working? What has been most valuable to them in the last year? What is working well? What could we improve upon?
  • Remember your goals.  What is it that you want students to have when they leave your ministry?  Is what you are doing accomplishing those goals?  Sometimes even the best ideas or programs over time morph into something different.  Make sure your efforts are accomplishing their intended purpose. 
  • Prune. Those things that are not accomplishing their intended purpose need to go, even if they are a cherished tradition. Students are busy and time is short. Don't waste valuable energy on a program or event that isn't bearing fruit.  
  • Record & refocus.  As you evaluate and prune away what isn't needed, be sure to take notes and keep record of why certain things didn't work or lost energy.  When a similar idea comes up you'll be sure to avoid making the same mistakes twice.  
 What do you do at the end of the school year to evaluate and refocus for the coming year?  Tell us on our Facebook page here.