Ministry Toolbox: Breaking the Huddle

posted Aug 30, 2018, 2:13 PM by Ginger Bowman
Is your church a huddled community, a witnessing community or a conversion community? 
How do you move an inward focused group to become an outward focused group? In Breaking the Huddle, Don Everts, Doug Schaupp and Val Gordon accurately assess the culture of a huddled community and how such a community can become a place where conversions are not the exception but the norm. These witnessing communities "actively embrace God movements." 

Breaking the Huddle builds on the five thresholds of conversion identified by Everts and Schaupp in the book, I Once Was Lost. These strategies can lead members to engage in relational evangelism as they begin to see outreach as a natural product of discipleship. This book is an invaluable resource not only for college ministry groups in churches and campuses but also for churches in general as we seek to lead our churches to become the church on mission in our communities.   

Breaking the Huddle, Don Everts, Doug Schaupp, Val Gordon.  InterVarsity Press, 2016.
I Once Was Lost, Don Everts & Doug Schaupp, InterVarsity Press Books, 2008. 
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