Ministry Snapshot: Jason Fuller

posted Oct 23, 2012, 9:53 PM by Ginger Bowman
For eleven plus years Jason Fuller has served as Minister to Students at First Baptist Church, Orange.  Jason shared some insights with us from his experience in ministry to Youth and College Students.    

 Q.  What is one thing that is working well for your college ministry right now?

Our College group meets on Wednesday nights at 9:00 pm at the church, we call it The Crave. We have a light meal (nachos, hot dogs, etc.), the go to a time of worship and Bible Study. Then we let the students hangout til 12:00, where they play basketball, card games, etc. Our college students have responded well. We are averaging 30 students each week. A majority of these students did not grow up in our church. Most of them attend a 2 year college located near the church. Most students live at home and grew up in the area. College students aren’t catered to much in our community. I believe they enjoy the fellowship time and the opportunity to hang out. It’s an atmosphere they feel comfortable inviting their friends to attend. The late start allows for those college students with night classes or a job the opportunity to come. We have seen college students come to know Christ. Many starting coming just to play basketball and ended up coming to know Christ. We have seen many students engage in our Sunday morning worship and small group Bible Study and have decided to join the church. They have began to serve in our church as well. Many of our students serve on our praise band for Sunday morning worship.

 Q.  How do you help your high school seniors transition to the college group?

My church pays for each graduating senior who is a member of the church to go Collegiate Week at Glorieta, New Mexico. This presents a great opportunity for me to spend quality time with the students right before they go to college. It allows me to treat them different as well. I go from the strict youth minister to encouraging them to make wise decisions with their new found freedoms that now experience as they move into this next stage in life. I believe Collegiate Week is a great opportunity to help incoming freshman for what is about to come. We know how important those first few weeks in college are to shaping to the direction they will take spiritually during college. I’ve had my incoming freshman meet people at Collegiate Week who were already attending the college my incoming freshman will be attending, and gave them information about the BSM or churches in town. 

Pray for Jason and his family as he ministers to the youth and college students in Orange, Texas.