Ministry Snapshot: Austin Wadlow

posted Jan 22, 2013, 8:32 PM by Ginger Bowman
Austin Wadlow
is the University Pastor at First Baptist Church of Denton where he ministers to students and leads Overflow, a weekly worship gathering.  We asked Austin to share a few things with us about his ministry. Here's what he had to say.
What is one thing that is working well for your college ministry right now?

Our Sunday morning LIFE Groups are the bread and butter of this ministry.  By God's grace we have about 30 incredible adult men and women from our church serving in our college ministry.  They lead LIFE Groups for our college students that meet each Sunday at 9:30am.  In addition to that they host game nights and other get togethers for our students to help our students grow in community with each other.  Each of our LIFE Group leaders are mentoring students within our ministry as well.


It is such a big deal for our students to have this connection with these men and women in our church.  There are so many ways that they are growing as a result of seeing married couples and older single adults do life in the "real world" as committed followers of Jesus.


I am convinced that the growth that we have seen in our ministry is a direct result of what is happening through these groups!

What is something that you feel God has accomplished in your group this past year?

By God's grace we have been able to see students come to know Christ this year!  Since April we have had the chance to baptize a little over 30 students.  We are also seeing many of our students growing as leaders and breaking free from struggles with sin!

What are you praying for your ministry in 2013?

For the past 2 years now our ministry leadership has been praying for four things.  First, we're praying that our ministry would be passionate about seeking God's heart through His Word.  Second, we're praying that our ministry would be rooted in the church, both growing and serving in the church.  Third, we're praying that the diversity of our ministry would reflect the diversity of the population of college students in Denton.  And fourth, we're praying that our ministry would have a significant impact not only in Denton but throughout the world.

Do you have a favorite college ministry resource right now?  If so what is it? 

Currently my favorite college ministry resources are: Arliss Dickerson, Steve Masters, Kevin Inman and Bruce Venable.