Loving Louisiana

posted Sep 7, 2016, 9:45 AM by Ginger Bowman
Miles and miles of debris. Everywhere you look in the flood ravaged areas around Baton Rouge there are whole neighborhoods where residents lost everything.  More than 100,000 homes were damaged or destroyed in the flooding, and only an estimated 1 in 8 of those homes had flood insurance.  The need is great and time is of the essence. 

This weekend our church was part of the 450 college students and church volunteers who served in Baton Rouge.  While we were waiting for a new work assignment, we met Thomas. Thomas had already cleared and mudded out his mothers home, clearing out the flooring, wet drywall and insulation from her home. Taking care of her meant that he had waited to mud out his own home.  On Sunday, he and a friend were working on it when we showed up and asked if he could use some help.  "You're an answer to prayer," he said. Inside the home mold was already spreading up the walls. We helped him remove the drywall and insulation that was still saturated with flood water. As we stood arm in arm with Thomas that afternoon and prayed for him and his family, we knew the miles we had driven were well spent.  

Could your church help? Thomas's is just one of the thousands of people who could use a helping hand as they clean out their homes, and the need is urgent. The longer a homeowner waits to clear out their home, the more damage is done by the moisture and mold. It doesn't take an expert to do what is needed, just strong backs and a willingness to serve. Housing and meals are available at designated local churches in the area. The only real cost for work teams is travel. 

Go. Would you consider sending a team for a weekend or over fall break? If so, contact Steve Masters,BCM Director at LSU at 225-964-0830 (cell) or 225-343-0408 (BCM) or email lsubcm@eatel.net.

Give. After a home is cleaned out, it must be dry enough to begin rebuilding. There is a great need for dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers cost $250-$400 each. Would your group consider sending dehumidifiers or donating to Louisiana Baptist Disaster Relief so that they can purchase more dehumidifiers to give to those who need them.Donate to Louisiana Disaster relief here. 

Pray. Already lives have been changed and hope restored through the work of volunteers who came to serve. Pray that more people in need will encounter the love of Jesus through those that come to their aid.  Pray for the safety of those who will go. Pray for more workers to go and serve.  
        -- Ginger Bowman, Church College Ministry Specialist, Texas Baptists