It's May 9th. Do you know where your Seniors are going?

posted May 8, 2012, 8:57 PM by Ginger Bowman
How time flies!  Those 7th graders you just welcomed into the youth group are now suiting up in caps and gowns and receiving diplomas.  How did this happen so quickly?  And where did this year go?  There is so much more you wish you could tell them.  So much more for them to know before they head out the door. 
As you look at the Class of 2012, where do you see them headed next?  How many of those students do you think will graduate from High School and also "graduate" from church?  How many will stay connected, or seek out a new church where they are going? 
Here are a few things you can do to help them as they make the transition to college in the next few months.
1.  Ask questions.  They've thought about financial aid, what classes to take first semester, what dorm they want to live in, and maybe even who to their roommate will be.  Ask them, "what church will you go to when you get to campus?"  Most students haven't even thought about it.   Plant the seed by asking about where they will go to church, how they will continue growing in their faith, do they know about Baptist Student Ministry or other solid campus organizations. 
2.  Sign them up & send them a link to   You can even upload your entire senior list at once on the site.  Registered students will be connected to the Baptist Student Ministry at the college/university they will be attending and  they will be entered in a drawing for some great prizes.  The TexasFreshmen site also has video testimonies and other content from current students that help seniors explore Baptist Student Ministry and faith during college even before they get to campus.
3.  Be there.  Studies have shown that the contact that students have with a home church even after they have moved away can remain their most significant faith connection.  Help them to feel that they are still connected and supported even after they have moved away.  Senior class Bible study leaders and youth ministers can help them by staying in contact and encouraging them in searching for a new church home away from home.