Holiday Opportunities

posted Nov 13, 2012, 2:18 PM by Ginger Bowman
The holidays can be great a great time to reconnect with students in your church.  Most students who have been away at school come home for Thanksgiving and for the semester break, and those are local often have a little more free time. Here are a few ideas for using this time well:

·         The Sunday after Thanksgiving, plan a special “family gathering” during the Bible study time.  Bring snacks and plan some mixer activities to get the group talking.   Make a point to invite students you haven’t seen in a while, via phone, Facebook, & email beforehand.

·         Plan a fellowship or fun outing during the semester break so that students can reconnect and develop relationships.

·         Plan a Mission project or trip during the break.  The Christmas season is a great time to give back and there are a lot of opportunities to do so.  Serve in a local foodbank or shelter, or do home projects for shut-ins in your community.  Getting students together to serve is a great way to help a group “gel” over a common experience.

·         Be intentional about having conversations with away students about their spiritual lives at college.  Ask good questions.  What steps are they taking to grow in their faith right now?  Where do they go to church?  Are they involved in a BSM or other Christian organization?   

A bit of down time and change of pace can bring new opportunities.  Who knows? The semester break might just be what a student needs to get reconnected to the church and to Christ.