Focus Houston: A Church and a Campus

posted Apr 1, 2014, 10:21 AM by Ginger Bowman
This week we hear from Chase Woodhouse, who began ministry to a community college campus in Houston as an intern in a local church.    

When I graduated from Howard Payne University in May of 2011, I had the opportunity to go work with Tallowood Baptist Church in their summer internship program as the acting college minister. During this summer, my boss approached me about an opportunity to stay at Tallowood and partner with the BSM to start a new on-campus ministry at HCC Spring Branch. After praying, I accepted the position and with no idea what I was really getting myself into, I embarked to try to share the gospel of Christ to all students at HCC. 

At HCC, my goal was simple, I wanted to get to know students and help them grow in their relationship with Christ. During my first year there the only way I was able to do that was by sitting down next to someone and striking up a conversation with them. Over time, I was able to start a Bible study with these students that I had met. Most of this was done while I was still seeking approval as an official on campus student ministry. By the end of the first year, God had brought 10 people into the Bible study and we even had 1 guy accept Christ as his Savior. 

The second and now third year at HCC have been even more effective. We started a free lunch in the second year, thanks to a financial partnership with a Christian organization, that brought in around 100 students a week to hear a small message about the gospel of Jesus. We grew in numbers and had two different Bible studies on campus. Through the past two years, we have seen 5 people come to know Christ for the first time. This year however, I took on the role of Associate Director of the Rice BSM. This only allowed me to continue working at HCC 1 day a week. However, after this year the BSM will be given over to a church who will have a volunteer director put into place. This will allow there to be a minister on this campus more consistently, while opening the door for me to go plant a new BSM at another HCC campus while looking to partner with a church in leadership of the BSM. 

As you can see from the stories of the past 3 weeks, God is at work in Houston!
Would you..... 
  • Pray for College Ministry in Houston.  Pray that more churches will reach out to the campuses in their communities; that BSMs and local churches will form effective parterships that will lead to reaching more students on more campuses; that the students that are reached will grow and become laborers in the harvest themselves.
  • Consider giving.  Maybe your church would want to be a part of supporting a campus missionary on a local campus to start or continue ministry to that campus.  
  • Commit to going.  What campus(es) are close to your church?  What could your church to do minister to the students that are there?  For help exploring the possibilities, contact Ginger Bowman at
        We are partners in the harvest! 

 Is your church in the Houston area?  If you want to know more about partnering to reach campuses in the Houston area, contact Nick Howard at