Collecting Contacts

posted Sep 7, 2016, 9:41 AM by Ginger Bowman   [ updated Sep 7, 2016, 9:43 AM ]
As new students visit your ministry and events, how do you follow up with them? Most 
collegeministries have a plan for collecting contact information and following up with the students who attend. Here are a few ideas.

Keep it clear & simple. 
Bobby Smith, University Minister at FBC Nacogdoches, shared his contact card with us in the picture above.  Bobby says that they use two cards, one for students to take that shares most of what they do, and the community connect card that gathers some basic info about the student for follow up.  The card is simple and gathers relevant information for follow up.  

Consider the context. 
If you're collecting information from students at a big event on campus, it's likely not many students will want to fill out anything lengthy. Ask for basic info that they can share quickly. As an incentive, consider collecting information in conjunction with a prize drawing (gift cards, thumb drives, tv, etc.).You may also want collect cell numbers by having students text their info to a particular contact number. There are also some great apps to help manage those contacts (we'll share more about those in the coming weeks). Of course, if students are visiting your church on a Sunday morning you will likely have the opportunity to ask for more information.

Commit to follow up. 
Don't let those contacts grow cold! Follow up right away with students to know if they are interested in further contact from your church. Have students help make those connections the next day if possible. Personal is better.  If you can, make a visit, or a phone call so that students can be greeted person to person. We know some students will only reply to text  and that's okay but make it your last resort, and be sure it's not just a group text. Remember personal is better!