A Walk Through Your Week.

posted Nov 17, 2015, 8:54 PM by Ginger Bowman
Last week at the Church College Ministry Retreat we walked through our week in ministry, writing down every activity and item on our weekly calendars.  Needless to say, we all have a lot going on.  We had the opportunity to share some of the highlights of our ministries, but the main object of the exercise was to get us to think through a week in our ministry and where we invest our time.  

You might want to do the same exercise in your own ministry or with your ministry leadership.  Here is what we did:
1.  Using a whiteboard or oversized sticky notes, write down every activity and/or regular appointment you have on your college ministry calendar in a week, even those you do not attend yourself (like small group studies, fellowships). You may want to add other ministry responsibilities you have that are not directly related to your college ministry, like weekly visitation assignments, staff meetings, etc. 
2.   Use color coded sticky tabs to mark each item by category, ie: discipleship, outreach, evangelism, missions, leadership, and any other categories that you would want to include.  
3.  Ask the following questions:  
  • What days are busiest for us?  Do we need to make changes to our calendar so as to not overload our leaders?  
  • What categories do we emphasize the most?  Why?  Are we doing those well?  
  • What categories are missing?  Do we need to add or change something to help students develop in a particular area?  Do we need to add a mission aspect? Are we short on outreach opportunities?  
  • If your week seems overwhelming, where could you simplify?  Are there things that do not have clear purpose? Consider eliminating those.  
Lastly, I would add, where do you spend time for personal spiritual development?  How are you being intentional in spending time with family and friends?  As Bruce McGowan challenged us last week, being a good and faithful servant isn't just about ministry and vocation.
 -Ginger Bowman

We've started a Facebook group to discuss ideas and prayer requests.  So we can have the freedom to share prayer requests and ministry challenges, we've made it a closed group.  To join just ask to be added to TX Church College Ministry