5 Reasons Your College Class is Meeting in the Storage Closet and Why It Shouldn’t.

posted Jan 28, 2014, 2:28 PM by Ginger Bowman
The storage closet.  The “old building.”  The extra house.  Been there?  Most college ministries have.  If you are in one of “those” spaces, it might be time to move.  Here are 5 reasons that churches put their college students in “less than ideal” spaces and why they shouldn’t .  
1.  They’re college students.  They won’t care.  Contrary to popular thought, most college students don’t live in a dorm room that looks like a scene from Animal House.  In fact, most college students today, don’t live in a dorm.  They live with their parents, or in an apartment, and most dorms on college campuses now are much nicer than the dorms of yester-year.  Furthermore, even if their apartment does look like a scene from Animal House, they don’t want to go to a church that looks like one.  
2. They’re college students.  They like having their own space.  Why do we think that college students don’t want to be with anyone else but college students?  This could not be further from the truth.  This generation of students wants desperately to connect with older adults who can mentor them and disciple them in the faith.  Separating them from the rest of the church only communicates that we don’t want to be close to them.
3. They’re college students.  They won’t be here long.  True.  If you put them in the storage closet, they won’t be here long.  College life is complicated.  Make it easy for students to come to church each week by making sure they can easily find their meeting space.  
4. They’re college students.  They won’t mind letting the older adults have the better classroom space.  While they might not mind, did you ask them?  If not, you may subtly be sending the message that they are valued less than another group.  You might move them, but be sure to communicate your reasons clearly.  
5. They’re college students.  They will get the “better” space when they get older.  If they’re still here when they are older.  We need to be sure they know that they are highly valued now.  This really is the bottom line.  Where your college students meet communicates something.  And what you say to them, directly and indirectly, matters.  Let them know you are glad they came to church, and make sure the space you’re meeting in isn’t saying something else.